W.6.5. With some guidance and support from peers and adults, develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach.

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Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 10 - 18
Editing Sentences
From YouTube, produced by Les Leonard
Five easy steps to editing sentences .Demonstrated using the SMARTboard record feature by instructor Les Leonard. (07:34)
Found by tremeris2k10 in W.6.5
November 28, 2010 at 07:45 PM
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Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 12 - 15
Teaching Kids About Revising (Writing Workshop Lesson)
From YouTube, produced by S. Reifman
This is an entertaining instructional video that elementary school teachers can show to their students to help them better understand the process of revising. Viewers will learn what revising means, the goals of revising, how to revise, and how revis... [more]
August 14, 2012 at 04:08 PM
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Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 9 - 14
UM-Flint presents four tips for writers
From YouTube, produced by University of Michigan -Flint
Award winning author and University of Michigan-Flint alumnus Christopher Paul Curtis shares his four rules for good writing at UM-Flint.  Rule 1:  Write every day.  Rule 2:  Have fun with your writing. Rule 3:  Write for yourself; write what you lik... [more]
Found by Barb in W.6.5
July 29, 2009 at 04:14 PM
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Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 14 - 18
The Writing Process: Draft
From YouTube, produced by East Tennessee State
This is a very helpful video all about drafting.  The video explains what drafting is, all the things that are done within the process, and gives good tips.  The video was created for students at the University level (intro writing), but the informat... [more]
August 17, 2012 at 02:20 PM
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Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 15 - 18
Self-editing : Audience and Purpose
From YouTube, produced by ExpertVillage.com
Lecture with examples. The instructor compares formal and informal language choices to match the audience and purpose of the writing.  Examples of appropriate and inappropriate uses of jargon are shown.  One example shows an example of a job inquiry.
Found by tinag1974 in W.6.5
August 13, 2009 at 09:43 AM
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Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 15 - 18
How to Edit Your Writing : Common Punctuation Mistakes
From YouTube, produced by ExpertVillage
Proper punctuation impresses potential employers. Learn about the misuse of some common punctuation marks in this free self-editing lesson for writers and job seekers.  Teacher shows examples on her computer screen. Narrative of the lecture appears i... [more]
Found by tinag1974 in W.6.5
August 13, 2009 at 09:45 AM
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Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 11 - 18
Presenting Writing
From YouTube, produced by On Demand Instruction
This is an instructional video on how to present writing.  It covers formatting, visual presentations, and multi-media aspects of presenting writing.  This would be best served as lesson preparation, but could be shown in the classroom to complement ... [more]
October 23, 2012 at 03:29 PM
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Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 9 - 18
How To Write an Essay
From dailymotion.com, produced by Howcast
Whether you're writing an essay for school, to argue a point, or to advance an opinion, the steps to follow are the same. This video addresses seven basic steps to follow when writing an essay. Step 1: Choose a topic of interest.  Step 2: Research in... [more]
Found by freealan in W.6.5
February 5, 2011 at 03:09 PM
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